Luxury Wardrobe Storage & Valet Service

Garde Robe® pioneered the luxury wardrobe management and Cyber Closet® valet concept
to service the needs of couture collectors, city residents with inadequate closet space,
business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers.

The only service of its kind, Garde Robe’s raison d’être is museum-quality garment storage
for its members’ precious clothing, footwear, furs and accessories collections,
and providing on-demand accessibility whenever, wherever.



Garde Robe has established strong relationships that extend far beyond the fashion
industry. We have partners in the Insurance Industry, Stylists & Image Consultants,
Professional Organizers, Closet Designers, Garment Care Professionals,
Storage Companies, Products, Private Jets, Consignment, Consultants, Hotels,
and exclusive member benefits.

“When Collette Dinnigan was looking for a museum-quality location to store and preserve her priceless fashion archive, the designer turned to Garde Robe in Melbourne, the Australian arm of New York’s wardrobe storage facility for the rich, famous and style obsessed (fashion house Oscar de la Renta, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ivanka Trump are all clients). While space is a problem for even the wealthiest New Yorkers, it’s Australia’s climate (living by the ocean isn’t exactly optimal for preserving couture) that’s driving Melburnian and now Sydney VIPs to entrust their wardrobes to the firm, which offers services such as archival couture preservation, a delivery service for frequent travelers, seasonal wardrobe storage and an online inventory (think a higher-tech version of Cher’s cyber closet in ‘Clueless’) so clients can keep track of their items. It’s set up for collections large and small — one Melbourne client currently stores more than 1000 garments, at $8000 per month, but prices start from $350 a month to store 50 garments, 10 pairs of shoes and a box of accessories.”

As seen in Harper’s Bazaar Australia – June/2016

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Clos-ette! Melanie Charlton and her team have designed many fabulous and functional closets for Garde Robe members over the years. Impeccable wardrobes deserve an opulent and well-organized dressing room and closet!

Take advantage of 20% off on design services with Clos-ette by filling out a client request on their website and mentioning the Garde Robe design discount in the notes section here, and 40% off all Clos-ette Too products with the code GR40.

Clos-ette is a functional design studio specializing in custom closets, dressing rooms, collection rooms and kitchens. They are the premiere sub-consultant for storage and Holistic Organizational Design and market primarily to the trade to help facilitate highly organized, detailed and inventory heavy spaces. Clos-ette Too is a line of closet accessories. Their clothing hangers, jewelry travel cases, shelf dividers and more offer the high style and high function their couture clients adore. Clos-ette can help make any big idea into a functional space!

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