Luxury Wardrobe Storage & Valet Service

Seasonal Wardrobe Storage

Designed for fashion devotees with extensive wardrobes and city residents with limited closet space, Garde Robe’s seasonal wardrobe service allows members to transition their closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer and vice-versa. At the start of each new season or upon request, Garde Robe members are entitled to a "seasonal wardrobe switch," at no additional storage cost. Garde Robe will deliver desired garments in ready-to-wear-condition and pick up off-season items, which frees up closet space year-round and ensures your off-season wardrobe will be in pristine condition, not shoved to the back of the closet.

Garde Robe members are more than welcome to utilize more than one service offering. Please don’t feel limited. Garde Robe customizes its services to suit your particular needs.


Complimentary in-home wardrobe consultation & white-glove garment pick up

All items brought to Garde Robe’s loft for detailed garment inspection, cataloging and professional photography

Garde Robe emails catalog and condition report; garment care services arranged as needed

All items prepared for storage utilizing solely archival materials and placed in lofts featuring optimal climate for textile preservation

View, search and select items for ready-to-wear delivery from your private Cyber Closet, available online and via iPad app

“Garde Robe offers
storage for out-of-
season clothes, along
with access to a virtual
closet and delivery of
pieces on demand.”

–The New York Times


start at $400
per month